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After Punxsutawney’s recent callout, we figured it couldn’t hurt to generate a little hype for our fresh, bright, beautiful Spring 2023 bags, coolers, and accessories with sunnier, warmer days ahead. 

This spring we’re leaning into refreshing palettes inspired by the beautiful outdoors. With sky, ocean, and robin egg blues, these colors pop alongside nature itself showing signs of rebirth. Bright lemonade and banana punctuate and energize the cool shades of our blue backdrops. We also love our new toile, The Great SCOUTdoors, and our dog pattern, Best in Show, to add whimsy to our reimagined stripes and checks for spring. 

As we enter a big season of packing for travel, daily activities, kids and pets, sports and resorts, and of course, spring cleaning and organizing, we have a slew of options that pack perfectly as well as folding flat and stowing away when they’re not needed. And these products aren’t just limited to bags, coolers, and storage, we’ve also got your toiletry bags, travel mugs, and beach towels covered. 

As you’re prepping your meals for home or away, consider our cooler bags and lunchboxes for grocery and supermarket runs. These easy-to-carry, lightweight coolers will keep your small snacks, big grocery hauls, and beach day eats cool and fresh until they reach their desired destination. They’re also highly smushable when you’re not using them, taking up little to no space to store (unlike hard-sided coolers). 

It would be a crime not to call out our NEW Hipster Fanny Pack. Loop this petite pack around your waist or chest to keep your bare essentials supremely close and secure when you’re out and about this spring. With two full-length zippered compartments, this fresh belt bag is easy to organize and separate your stuff. Feel free to stuff it in a bigger bag too!  

Look to all our newness of Spring 2023 for your biggest and smallest needs, from containment and totage to gifting and celebrating as sunnier (rainier) seasons approach! 

stay true- the scouted crew

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