BEHIND THE DESIGN: New Resort Prints

BEHIND THE DESIGN: New Resort Prints

If you’re a snowbird, planning a warm-weather trip, or have simply been living vicariously through this season of The White Lotus (definitely the resort, not the characters), then we have just the collection for you. Our first-ever Resort Collection features three new patterns that are live and ready to jump in on any sunny or sandy action you may have this holiday season. These prints were designed to take you to a happier, sunnier, and seaside-ier place. 

This “shades of blue” palette is inspired by aquatic hues, especially those in tropical and island destinations. The Coral Fixation and Coral Majority patterns, in particular, add dimension to the resort story with color-on-white and white-on-color versions that complement each other beautifully. Pulled from nature itself, coral creates a motif that feels both beachy and refined. 

As for the Navy + White Check, longtime SCOUT fans will know that we simply cannot resist this oh-so-classic color scheme. It is absolutely perfect for warm weather and feels super nautical. For the preppy or neutral beachcomber, reach for the checks (and Chex, hehe) when heading to all your capes or islands. 

Also please note: the Navy + White Check items in this new collection feature a brand-new woven fabric that we’re super excited about because it’s soft and supple, breathable, and supremely packable. Try it, you’ll love it! (We call it lightweight basketweave.) 

Here’s the thing, checks and corals will never go out of style. They are eternally chic and perfect as you lean into warm weather destinations all year long. Additionally, you’ll never worry about taking up space when traveling as all of our bags are highly packable and squishable for planes, trains, cars, and the yachts of suspicious expatriates! Treat yourself before you head surfside to any of our fabulous fishy friends.

stay true- the scouted crew