Deb’s Desk: Paris Fashion Window Shopping

Deb’s Desk: Paris Fashion Window Shopping

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This spring beckoned Deb to the Euro fashion capital that is Paris, France. London and Milan were fab and all, but the City of Love was where it was “at” this season, packing a fashionable punch, and we hope to follow suit as warmer weather arrives.  

With groovy, saturated hues and a plethora of patterns, we can’t help but squeal with delight as we take a gander at Deb’s deep dive into the trends to come, which we are breaking down into three crucial categories. 


First are the must-have hues of the moment. Spring brings a vibrant array of colors, so reach for any of the following chroma. Hot tones like cyclamen, watermelon, persimmon, lemon, and red violet. Cool shades such as pool, periwinkle, grass, lime, marine, and indigo. And, of course, tinted neutrals such as khaki, cement, putty, buff, petal, and celadon. Now, we bet you’re dying to taste, touch, smell, feel, and see every word you just read? 

Predictions reveal dressing head-to-toe in saturations or utilizing them as accents to neutral ensembles. There is an unequivocal vibrancy and lightness not seen in recent seasons. We will all be leaning into ombres of color with a potent yet refreshing feel. Tasty, tasty. 


Next, pattern is key. Like one of those big ol’ prop keys to the city, if you will. We’ve got checks in all sizes, seriously. From micro to macro, sailor to saturated stripes, spring madras and grid plaids, boucle tweeds, new tropicals, Liberty London romantic garden florals, bandana stampings, and boho embroidery and crochet. The patterning is abundant and super robust. Mix and match like patterns and prints or like patterns and colors to your heart’s content. 


Now for potentially the best part: your must-have items featured in store. Reach your arabesque ballet arms out to the garment racks filled with long, layered tulle numbers, ruffled and tiered chiffons, and crystal pleated silk skirts for your daytime dressing. Safari jackets and suits in both khaki and color are ideal for any and all circumstances. From long to knee-grazing, trenches will cloak you into mid-June, depending on your residence. We cannot stress pant suits in lightweight wool and linen ENOUGH. Grab that shirt dress, Mrs. Maisel. Reach for structural and masculine treasures like cargo pants, moto jackets in color and light neutrals, shaped white shirts and blouses, jean jackets in color and white to indigo denim.  

Lastly, and fittingly, Jackie O shifts and boxy Chanel-esque skirt suits are going to be the IT pieces a la Sofia Richie Grainge’s wedding weekend ensembles. You bet your bottom dollar… Oh, and dresses in vibrant patterns! 

Fashionable finds are just one layer to the onion in the Soupe à l’Oignon Gratinée that are Deb’s European explorations. Almost all of our SCOUT patterns and products pull from Deb’s finds while roaming the Continent. So, it’s safe to say, anything you’ve loved here will somehow or another make its way into our future SCOUT Collections, which makes the SCOUT brand all the more interesting and meaningful. We’re very intentional at HQ, and we’d never lead you astray from a fabulous pattern or functional product. So, keep your eyes peeled for more hints of our colorful adventures as we enter a new season. 

stay true- the scouted crew