Deb’s Desk: Paris, London & Milan Fashion

Deb’s Desk: Paris, London & Milan Fashion

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Bonjour! Spring has sprung, and we’re in dire need of design intervention. This week Deb darts around Paris, London, and Milan in hopes of providing us all with some much-needed outfit inspiration. If they’re wearing it in Europe NOW… we’ll all be wearing it in the states this FALL. Let’s get ahead of the curve this spring with some help from our favorite paparazzi, Deborah Waterman Johns. 

Yes, it’s starting to warm up a little, but bringing a jacket NEVER hurts. Look out for a major resurgence of the trench and other cloth overcoats. From traditional to twisted, this garment is the preferred spring outer layer across the pond. This style of jacket can be dressed up or down, worn with elevated ensembles from day to night, or over sweats and tracksuits. From Burberry to Everlane to ASOS or H&M, the trench is readily available and unstoppable this season. 

A collage of different women and mannequins wearing various neutral trench coats

This outfit combination is modest, chic, and undeniably versatile for the wacky weather of spring. This popular merger consists of long princess skirts paired with sporty and casual utility tops and jackets. Choose from a wide array of skirt styles, like tulle, chiffon, or lace with tiers, ruffles, or crystal pleats. This fun mix of feminine and masculine pieces is great for the chilliest and warmest of weekdays or ends. 

A gif flipping through street style images of women wearing long skirts with military/utility jackets

In the eloquent words of T-Swift, hot pops of color will “never go out of style.” Everyone seems to be dressing in head to rainbow spectrum or activating neutral palettes with red, pink, orange, yellow and purple. In a time of neutral and subdued “clean girl” looks heavily trending, we’re thrilled at SCOUT HQ to see that color reigns in England and the Continent as well. How else would we celebrate life’s colorful adventures?! 

Now, we weren’t dragging the neutrals, we promise. And so do our peeps across the pond. Neutrals aren’t as simple as they sound, and with new ones emerging, like flesh tone, ochre, brass, and varying shades of white, these subdued hues have more depth than we give them credit for. 

Lightweight down outerwear in vibrant colors and neutrals alike are keeping temperatures regulated on the busy streets this season. Bonus, there are PLENTY of “faux” down jackets and puffers to choose from which will save your wallet and the geese some trouble. 

On the other side of the coin, spring blanket checks and plaids are ensconcing the chilly shoulders of city goers as well. There’s something inherently English about these prints, and they’re perfect for a preppy pattern moment. 

Last and certainly not least, crochets and knits are notably rising on the streets and in the storefronts. We’re particularly obsessed with the multicolor jacket Deb captured and are hoping to track down a look-alike, or “dupe” as the kids are saying, to acquire for our own closets this season.  

We hope Deb’s infamous street style snapshots have provided you with some spring wardrobe inspiration of your own as this can be one of the trickiest seasons to style ourselves! Stay safe, stylish, and tuned for more spring styling and fashion forecasting from our devilish li’l Debbie.  

stay true- the scouted crew