DEB’S DESK: The INs + OUTs of Summer 2023

DEB’S DESK: The INs + OUTs of Summer 2023

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We’re halfway through Summer 2023 and everything feels possible again. We’re traveling. We’re dining. We’re not wearing sweatpants 24x7 anymore. That said, we’re still readjusting and acclimating to what’s hot and what’s not.

Fortunately... Deborah Waterman Johns is the queen of gently guiding us in the right direction when it comes to dressing, dining, and decor, so she’s provided us with a Summer 2023 “In and Out” list. For the record, we’re doing this for fun, so if you think something is hot or cool and it makes you feel like a million bucks, then so do we, sister! 


We’ll start with our most robust section of this “listicle,” if you will, and that is, of course, fashion. Paparazzi Deb did what she does best while in New York and snapped some sick street style imagery to serve as clothing compass. Let’s get to it. 


IN: ROYGBIV. This “somewhere over the rainbow” bit is a whole lotta look, but we feel, perhaps, we must go big or go home. So, follow that fashion rainbow and reach for head to toe or a polychromatic accessory to punctuate a neutral look.


IN: Maxi skirts *when streamlined.* We’re talking highly tailored and minimalist on top, like a cami, moto jacket, or fitted denim. 

OUT: Maxi skirts with chaotic pieces on top. It’s already a statement piece! Let it do the talkin’ on its own.  

IN: Sport skorts and shorts with like-minded ensemble cast members. We like a cool sneaker or simple top. 

OUT: Sport skorts and shorts paired with overt opposition, like a combat boot or giant shell jacket. We love sporty but keeping it relatable makes it more approachable. 


IN: Seasonless trenches as the perfect finishing element to an outfit. A trench is quite possibly the chicest wardrobe piece one can own.  

IN: Summer shorts coordinated to the perfect tops. Mixed elements can be tricky, and coordination helps us feel put together in the chaotic heat. 


Obviously, ALL FOOD IS IN as it nourishes us, and we’re so lucky to be able to cook, eat, and share it with the ones we love. But we’d like to get a bit more specific with this one. Full transparency, this could be deeply controversial. 


IN: EGGS! That’s right. Whole eggs. Eat them in all their eggy glory, morning, noon, and night. Hard-boiled, soft-boiled, poached, scrambled, deviled, get crackin'!

OUT: Just egg whites. We respectfully pass, thank you very much. They’re too light and won’t fill us up like those yolk-y boys do!


IN: Pasta. Flavor- filled carbs and colorful piles of pasta are our most recent obsession. 

OUT: Non-wheat, texture-challenged pastas. Obviously, our beloved Banza, Jovial, and Capello’s are 100% IN if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance, of course! We want to save the non-wheat for those who truly need it. Wheat eaters should leave pasta up to tradition! 

(This last one’s easy…) 


IN: Fancy pastries and sweets! 

OUT: Skipping dessert. Boo!!!! YOLO! 


Last, but certainly not least, in the Johns household, we have decor. This won’t come as a surprise, but we are maximalists at SCOUT Bags, so naturally, that mentality extends to the home. 


IN: Fornasetti maximalism for home decor. Just look at those colors. 

OUT: Soul-less minimalism! Don’t you go too far with that shiplappin’ and streamlinin’, ya hear?!


IN: Garden flowers in heaping buckets! How lush, how delicious?!

OUT: Faux, fancy floral arrangements. Let’s keep it light and photosynthetic. Especially with all this summer sun and rain! 

Well, we really do hope you’ve gotten a kick out of our list, and always remember, DO YOU, BOO! If you love it, lean the heck into it all summer long. For any other summer staples, check out our newness and itch that maximalist mosquito bite all season long.

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