SCOUT HQ: Creative Women in Business Panel

SCOUT HQ: Creative Women in Business Panel

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In celebration of SCOUT’s 20th Anniversary, we recently hosted a panel featuring creative local women in business at SCOUT HQ. As a woman-founded brand, we were honored to gather talented women who have made strong contributions in the arts, food, fashion, gifting, and more.

Join us as we celebrate our friends and colleagues from StudioLabMarigold & GreyTuckernuck, and Georgetown Cupcake.

Our goal at SCOUT is to support women in all the stages of their multi-layered lives. Naturally, we were thrilled to highlight a community of sharp, smart, hardworking, and innovative women who have built their businesses in Washington, DC. We benefit from the passion and dedication of these women, and we were excited to welcome an audience of women—as well as several men—who enthusiastically engaged in dialogue and asked thoughtful questions regarding the entrepreneurial journeys of each of our panelists.

Community has always been so important to our team at SCOUT HQ and beyond, especially throughout the course of the pandemic. Community creates a critical dynamic that we’re all continuing to build after a period of such intense distance. Going forward, we’ve planned a series of female-focused panels featuring even more community innovators and leaders in business. And we promise to keep you all looped into this community as well! 

Of course, it would be a crime not to call out our snacks. If there’s one thing we will always provide at a SCOUT function, it’s snacks (and bags, of course). How iconic are the logo-branded Georgetown cupcakes?! Filling Tiny Packages in our signature DC pattern with local goodies felt like a lovely and fitting takeaway for our noteworthy guests.

We hope this inspires you to call a girlfriend, get a coffee with a cherished colleague, or support a local women-run business when you get a chance this week. Lifting each other up is key to us taking over the world!