SCOUT HQ: Summer Photo Shoot

SCOUT HQ: Summer Photo Shoot

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The weather is warming up and we have a gorgeous array of summer solids in store for y’all, in addition to all things poly woven and bright. This week our Photography Production Manager, Erin Fox, and Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Coordinator, Sarah Turk, give us behind-the-scenes takes and shots from our Summer 2024 photoshoot. Keep scrolling to see why one of our favorite summer fabrics sells out so fast… 

At the time, Sarah was new to our photo team and had so much fun at this shoot. Sarah, Erin, Deb, and our models really brought our NEW woven fabric to life. Of course, all the bold and colorful mood boards are fabulous, but seeing them laid out at the start of production is such a fascinating and enlightening experience. A great amount of thought and planning goes into each flat lay of props and product, in order to truly bring each bag’s story to life. It’s so sweet to see how that summer sausage is made.

Check out more behind the scenes footage here

So, yet again Deb has done an expert job color matching all new product with props, creating a groovy monochrome moment in every snapshot. Whenever Deb uses nostalgic techniques like these, it really makes you want to take a big bite out of a grape popsicle or hunk of watermelon—it’s all too juicy!!! By the way, our new woven totes come in Neon PinkPoolAmethyst, and Freshly Squeezed (our striped pattern). 

We keep raving about the woven fabric, but Erin and Sarah haven’t forgotten our OG all-weather woven loves along the way. These products truly shine all summer long with their ability to be wiped completely clean of sunscreen, apple sauce, and even sunless tanner. These are also incredibly durable products *cut to Kate Kegan’s son, Cal, jumping into a 4 Boys Bag and Jenny’s dog, Pickle, being toted as well.*

School’s almost out, so scream and shout your way into summer with the newest members of our SCOUT Bags family or hit up the SCOUTlet for up to 30% off some of our most beloved bags. Honestly, you could use an Original Deano to ward off a swarm of cicadas this season…someone had to say it!