Travel Guide: Barcelona + Lisbon with Erin Fox

Travel Guide: Barcelona + Lisbon with Erin Fox

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Our fabulous Photography Production Manager, Erin Fox, and her fiancé, Cameron, spent much of March in Barcelona, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal, and boy, do we have a treat or, rather, pastel de nata, for y'all this week. Note that Erin had to withhold from sending too many favorite options, so a part two may be in order for this one. This week, we requested she narrow to her top five, and...Erin served and left no crumbs. Now feast sus ojos.

First, Barcelona…

Erin and Cameron stayed at a Praktik hotel and cannot recommend it enough. These boutique hotels are located throughout Barcelona, and Erin stayed in Praktik Bakery specifically. This particular Praktik is also a gorgeous bakery, so they woke up to the smell of baked goods every morning. I mean, what a WAY to start the day. There are also Praktik Vinoteca, dedicated to the world of Wine in Barcelona; Praktik Garden with a garden, of course; and several other stunning, themed options to choose from.


Erin’s favorite dining experience in Barcelona was Quimet & Quimet. This standing-room-only space located inside a tiny shop had an array of tapas assembled on sight and passed over the counter. The sea urchin dip and potato chips were fire. Punto. Pelota. Ya. Naturally, plenty of sangria and paella was had during their time in España as well.

A must in Barcelona is visiting any space designed by renowned architect, Antoni Gaudí. Erin and Cameron designated time for Sagrada FamíliaPark GüellCasa Vicens (Gaudí’s first home), and Casa Batlló. Sagrada Família, being the most famous of Gaudí’s work, was five times larger than Erin envisioned.

On to Lisbon…

The views in Lisbon are enough to have a category all their own. Erin and Cameron stayed in the Chiado neighborhood of Lisbon, which was breathtaking to say the least. One can only assume the skies are always blue in this beautiful city. 

A day trip to Sintra is an absolute must. If you saw the Academy-nominated treasure, Poor Things, you’ll notice Erin’s photography of this fairy tale city is even better than the reimagined version in the cinematic masterpiece. And, just like the beloved protagonist, Bella Baxter, Erin also enjoyed pastéis de nata, the iconic Portuguese egg custard pastry, at local Sintra bakery, Casa Piriquita.

MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture, and Technology), is a groovy structure on the water filled with modern art. With castle views, beach views, and proximity to Lisbon, this dreamy parish is impossible to pass up. 

Finally, let’s just take a moment to appreciate all the tiles in Lisbon. Deb would be SO PROUD, Erin. You’re a true SCOUT teammate with an eye for patterns like these. We hope you brought some home and will get started on a new kitchen backsplash!

Now, if this travel guide doesn’t ignite your taste for travel, we’re not sure what will! Whether you’re stateside or on your way to places fresh and bright, we hope you’ve been inspired to celebrate life’s colorful adventures this week!