SCOUT HQ: Good Reads

SCOUT HQ: Good Reads

Hello, sweet bookworms! Much like our bags, reading is meant for all seasons of life, and we’re always looking for something new and different. We recently hosted children’s book author, Shanlee Johnson, for an exclusive reading of her book Toco Can Can: and you can too! at SCOUT HQ with a few of our kiddo friends. The event also inspired us to share a few of our personal favorite reads with attendees. And, of course, they’re colorful, animal-focused, and full of life and whimsy.

Toco Can Can: and you can too! tells the engaging and educational story of a baby toucan traveling the world, making new friends, learning about new cultures, and gaining confidence through exploration. Naturally, the kids were delighted by this interactive reading and crafting session where they made their own Valentine’s-themed Tocos.

Animals are the perfect protagonists in children’s books and have the ability to reach our kids on a different level. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we have plenty of dachshund-themed children’s books in various spaces at our Georgetown office. 

Our beloved, small and mighty mascots are total characters, and their quirky nature makes them the ultimate stars of children’s literature. These books, filled with colorful and fantastic illustrations, offer another layer to storytelling, much like the hand-drawn patterns we aim to create for our bags and accessories.

We loved the reminder that reading with kids offers another special universe that goes beyond our sometimes stressful or overwhelming reality. Books weave imagination into daily life, providing a sweet and educational escape. Plus, you can never go wrong with an animal lead. Pet best friends rock, and we’re so lucky to share our world with them.

We hope this short and sweet footnote of the week inspires you to delve into a little book reading (or audiobook listening!) and enjoy the respite literature can provide. We wish you happy SCOUTing and happy reading all season long.