WHAT’S IN THE BAG? Peep Into Our Easter Bag (Basket)

WHAT’S IN THE BAG? Peep Into Our Easter Bag (Basket)

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Cheep cheep. Meep meep. Peep peep. Our most egg-cellent chickens, we’re here to remind you Easter is sneaking up on us yet again! Doesn’t it feel like it’s usually in April or May? Well, it’s March 31st this year! But don’t stress. As you prepare for the season of spring flowers, sunshine, and renewal, we’d like to share a few of our favorite approaches to egg hunting, gifting, and (best of all) less waste. Because we, at SCOUT, have gifts your sweet li’l peeps will use well beyond Easter.

If you have little bunnies in your life who love a good egg hunt, our Large Package makes for the perfect gifting and hunting vessel. Wipeable for spring showers and fresh mud, these foldable, spacious bags are ideal for tucking into a tote on your way to your next hunt. These durable gift bags can also hold just enough to convey a refreshing spread of curated loot from the Bunny himself.

Besides the Nooner being absolutely adorable and ideal in size, this bag has all the basket feel but can also convert into a lunch tote post-egg-hunt. This wide, slim, lightweight lunch cooler with a wide base for easy loading, fits nicely into several of our other SCOUT bags. You can also totally snag this from the kiddos and use this on spring break as the ultimate, insulated sunscreen carryall.

Life is about the never-ending search for the perfect hostess gift. Prove us wrong. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered this season with the Pleasure Chest. Pack her high with confectionary treats from your personal or local bakery or the lady of the house’s favorite libations for the occasions. The holidays can be hectic! We won’t tell if you sneak an extra slice of coconut cream pie… or sip of rosé.

Are you traveling for the holidays? Or maybe you have family or friends coming to crash with you? The Packin’ Heat doubles as a fab party favor, bedside table treat, and useful gift to your traveling chicks. Fill it up with Cadbury eggs now, and later... with cosmetics or toiletries. Your guests will thank you for their precious product protector. 

Overall, our perky patterns and Easter “basket” shapes make SCOUT egg-cellent for all your spring celebrations. We hope you have a fabulous season gathering with the ones you love. Keep checking our Instagram (@scoutbags) for more tips, tricks, and treats.


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