The Tidal Basin’s very minimal tides are turning as the petals of sunnier days bloom right before our eyes in the District of Columbia. The first true signal of freedom from both gray weather and landscape are pink, peeping buds of our beloved Cherry Blossoms. Yes, families of tranquil timber are finally waking up from a long, restful winter just a stone’s throw away from the National Mall.


One can’t help but wonder if these Japanese saplings must enjoy a tiny bit of respite from the intramural kickball teams and 8th grade school field trips. But spring break’s just beginning, and we’re ready to welcome back our historic hardwood with our tribute pattern, Capital Bloom.

SCOUT’s ushering in the first essence of spring with one of our most treasured hand-drawn patterns. This print focuses on the Tidal Basin and Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials surrounded by blossoms whimsically dotting DC during one of the most colorful times of year.

The SCOUT Bags Capital Bloom Collection offers the perfect springtime gifting opportunity. With fashion and function built in, this memorable print will always feel one-of-a-kind, fun, and quintessentially DC. Plus, most “souvenirs” aren’t functional and fashionable, so we’ve totally got you covered.

If you don’t get the chance to visit during peak bloom, at least you can have a little slice of your own with a Kate WristletPlus 1Large Package, or High and Dry Umbrella (fingers crossed showers are light, so petals stay in tact!). Any of these products would be perfect for a day strolling amongst the petals and presidents (statues, of course). And, come on, kid… Who doesn’t LOVE pink?!