WHAT’S IN THE BAG: Spring Break Packing List (Hardcore)

WHAT’S IN THE BAG: Spring Break Packing List (Hardcore)

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As many of us do this time of year, our Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Coordinator, Sarah Turk, headed down to the Sunshine State for a healing moment by the sea and some QT with her preferred traveling companion. We’ll just kick things off on an honest note and address how challenging it can be to pack for the beach when your ankles and wrists haven’t seen the sun’s rays since 2023. This is as close as we can get to a period-piece Victorian woman. Fret not, gentle reader, we’re here to help. 


Right off the bat, no matter whether you’re driving or flying, you’re going to bring that 3 Girls Bag. This is your handiest resource when traveling as it’s ridiculously lightweight, amazingly durable, extra-large, and can quite literally fit EVERYTHING you need. Deb Johns will tell you herself, you can always check this bad girl. Sarah used hers to hold random clothes and shoes on the trip down and as her laundry bag for later. She also used it to carry her beach supplies. When she flew back, she checked it (shameless plug), and threw her winter coat inside. This bag was the organizing force of her trip. 

At this point, you should have a Bagette on you at all times. It’s like tampons, hand sanitizer, a phone charger, you name it. Necessities, my friends. You truly will not find a bigger, better, stronger, or cuter bag for your daily bread, books, or sunblock. Publix runs can get intense, especially in Florida, and allow us to assure you that you will never need to double bag at the store again. This square-bottomed bag holds twice as much as typical grocery bags. Plus, it makes for a great gift. Bring it along as a housewarming treat for any time you’re crashing with relatives or friends. It packs flat and weighs next to nothing.


The Packin’ Heat is an OG SCOUT Bags family member. This toiletry bag would truly survive the apocalypse, hence providing a very adorable and spacious home for a stylish cockroach as well. Pack all your makeup, hair gunk, or travel accessories in a single space with this incredibly roomy and versatile bag. Packin’ Heats are perfect for toting sunscreen, lip balm, hydration pouches, loose cash, and basically anything else you need for a beach moment. Of course, they make perfect cosmetic bags as well, but the sky's the limit with these powerful pouches. 

Multifunctionality is best when it comes to toiletry bags. So, the Beauty Burrito is going to be your go-to when you’re traveling to a place without any knowledge of countertop space. When we’re sharing spaces with friends, kiddos, partners, or extended family, it’s key to have a product that keeps everything in one place and out of the way. With a hanging option essential to convenient storage, you can simply fold and roll this bag up (like a burrito) when the hanger is not in use. 

Would it be a trip to the beach without at least 6-12 cool beverages and snacks on hand at all times? The Eloise is ready to keep your food as fresh as your disposition. With this handbag-inspired, zippered lunch box that opens wide to easily hold square food containers, you’ll be unstoppable in the battle against thirst and hunger. Don’t forget to use that line on the kids when they want to spend your mortgage at the beach club. 

Sigh. Well, isn't that just the most thorough and titillating packing list of all time? Seriously though, have the best time traveling, chilling, or plain old getting organized this spring. And, if hunkering down and regrouping is your thing, you deserve a little treat! Check out the SCOUTlet Sale and get a couple little goodies to tide yourself over to summer. Love ya, kid!