SCOUT HQ: Larissa in Philly

SCOUT HQ: Larissa in Philly

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Larissa Kunes Martin, our E-commerce Manager, packed up her boys and favorite SCOUT products for a sunny Saturday jaunt around Philly. This week we join them for some mischief, play, and snacking in the City of Brotherly Love with help from our STATEment Collection’s newest addition, Pennsylvania.

As a girl boss, city girl, mother, and Penn queen, Larissa is seriously on the go, to say the least. With four-year-old, Quinton, four-month-old, Macaulay, and husband, Nick (fun coincidence, he just celebrated a birthday), there’s no absence of action in the Martin household. Getting out for a good old fashioned toodle around town is a great way to stretch their legs and explore the City of Neighborhoods.

Larissa likes to start the pilgrimage from their home in the Graduate Hospital neighborhood and head up to Rittenhouse Square. But first, they must pack nourishment in a Pleasure Chest, one of our soft-sided coolers perfect for keeping snacks fresh all walk long. Additionally and adorably, Quinton, aka “Big Brother Helper,” carries a Bagette for any groceries they may pick up on the way.

On the way to Rittenhouse, Larissa likes to snap shots of the amazing row homes. Some of them were built in the 1800s! She especially loves the horse hitching posts on every corner. Larry simply can’t help but appreciate the simple pleasures that surround her in the Cradle of Democracy. Like a block of cream cheese, the stroll is proving to be quite smooth and lovely. Her musings are joyfully interrupted by her constantly hungry toddler, and the Pleasure Chest comes in clutch as they arrive at their destination.

As they snack and bop around, Larissa and Nick come to the executive decision to stop into Maxx’s Produce to grab some groceries. There’s really nothing like stopping into a tried-and-true neighborhood bodega for your favorite Saturday night goodies. The experience is so euphoric the Martins decide to reward themselves with vegan scones at Bakeshop on 20th, making for a highly successful Saturday stroll. As they head back to regroup before their cozy evening together, Larissa takes stock of her beloved SCOUT products AND family. It has certainly been a spring Saturday well spent.

We want you to have wonderful, colorful, and functional Saturdays like the marvelous Martins! Just as travel isn’t limited to a specific state, our STATEment Collection will surprise you with the number of location-based toiles we’ve designed. An adventurous state of mind awaits if you feel so bold. Shop by state to carry the spirit of your favorites all year long.

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