SCOUT HQ: Local Love Prescription

SCOUT HQ: Local Love Prescription

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The SCOUT HQ love languages include, but are not limited to, acts of service, giving gifts, and quality time. When love is in the air at our Georgetown offices, we look to our friends at Georgetown University Hospital for opportunities to spread some cheer through candy and colorful patterns. Naturally, Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to do one of our favorite things… 

SCOUT team members, Lindsay Boyd, Jackie Rotz, Meg Elwood, Stephanie Singh, and Jenny Grim gathered together with a bushel of Packin’ Heats and Twiggys to stuff with candy and other V-Day treats for our buddies in the Pediatric Oncology floor of the Georgetown University Hospital. With 35 patients and 25 nurses to celebrate, our stuffing station was filled with make-up bags in our favorite patterns and colorways. 

Gifting with SCOUT is a fun and easy way to spread love during the holidays or any random day of the week, and we encourage you to gift where there is a need in your communities as well. With spring just around the corner, there’s an array of opportunities to get gift-y with your friends, colleagues, and family. Check us out for inspiration and have a fabulous start to March!

stay true- the scouted crew