BEHIND THE DESIGN: Bagette x Big Apple

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Bagette x Big Apple

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Hot child in the city! This week we followed the Bagette in our New York pattern around Manhattan for a look into the top tier of daily schlepping. FYI, it was Fashion Week, so… we were tote-ally involved by association. 

So, let’s kick things off with our iconic New York toile pattern and THAT logo! Mad cute, right? This iconic print sets the stage for a NYC state of mind tucked into your daily rotation with beloved landmarks and motifs from one of the greatest cities on earth. You’ve gotta love Lady Lib making her guest appearance. 

The Bagette itself is PERFECT for a city with plenty of commuting and the tightest of spaces. Whether you’re living in 400 square feet or 4,000, this compact bag folds flat for stowing and has big volume for groceries and beyond. The two sets of sturdy handles also make the bag ideal for big and little hauls. Those babies will not falter. Seriously, throw a watermelon inside if you want! No double bagging is necessary as this grocery tote is purposefully designed for dependability.

Throw in cakes, pies, books, basketballs, or dumbbells with the help of this square bottom design. Never have you met a daily bag so accommodating of so many activities, sizes, and shapes! You could probably put your dog in there too, if you’re trying to accommodate the MTA guidelines…

Regardless of whether you’re a city mouse or a country mouse, long walks to the apartment, parking lot, or front door with this bag will never leave you with a carton of eggs or bushel of apples spilling on the sidewalk. This bag is as strong as your big old IKEA Frakta Bag filled with video cassettes, library books, and board games on their way to the donation station. Winter, spring, summer or fall, the Bagette is who you call when you need to haul your stuff. Trust us on this. Thank us later.

stay true- the scouted crew