TRAVEL GUIDE: Sunny San Francisco

TRAVEL GUIDE: Sunny San Francisco

Happy almost-February, sweet SCOUTettes. At this time of the year, we’re all rabid for sunshine, non-slippery sidewalks, and serotonin. Allow us to indulge you in some visual pleasure as we guide you through sunny (yes! sunny!) San Francisco. What better time to plan a getaway than right now – when the winter doldrums are doldrum-ing at an all-time high? Let’s get going to the Golden Gate City.

There’s no way we’re doing Alcatraz on an empty stomach, my loves. So, naturally, we must cover food first. All of Deb’s glorious bakery shots come from Susie Cakes. Located on Chestnut Street, this landmark cake and cupcake spot has a retro feel and Whoopie Cakes that will make you skyrocket with joy. Chestnut is full of fab retail and fun restaurants, as is Fillmore, Union, Geary, and more.  

Cakes aren’t your thing? Head to Dandelion Chocolate for small-batch chocolate desserts and bars. With multiple locations throughout the city, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience memorable moments as a chocolate lover. Additionally, the packaging slays, to say the least. 

The image alone of Souvla’s greek frozen yogurt is enough to make you smash the “confirm” button on Southwest’s website. With roast chickens, avgolemono (lemon and egg soup), and an accommodating array of Mediterranean options, Souvla’s spread is remarkable. This fast casual spot has depth parallel to high-end dining establishments.  

At SCOUT, we’re always eating pizza, and that fact isn’t dependent on location! Of course, Deb recommends a visit to Flour + Water. This contemporary pizza spot located in the heart of North Beach serves excellent food in a comfortable, modern setting. If you’re aiming to elevate things a notch, scoot on over to The Ritz-Carlton afterwards for amazing views atop the hills of San Francisco. 

A good sandwich spot is a must when traveling. Sandwiches harken back to the prehistoric notion of being absolutely famished and proceeding to black out and ingest a footlong without any memory of the moments prior. Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe is an iconic sandwich shop in North Beach where your soul can leave your body as you inhale a pastrami. 

You’ve gotta grab a mandarin orange or any other snacky of your choosing at Bi-Rite on 18th Street. We adore a throwback to the days of specialty gourmet grocers with everything from fresh produce to international finds. 

After all that noshing, you’re going to need some caffeine. Fayes is part coffee shop, part smart and retro novelty shop! This cleverly curated gem is also located on 18th Street for all who enjoy java. 

Now that you have the strength to shop, you must teleport to Grove Street in Hayes Valley and hit up MAC, Modern Appealing Clothing. Home to men’s and womenswear from across the globe, this edgy, fun, and avant-garde treasure is like a breath of fresh air.  

For a feast of new looks for spring, the tried and true Neiman Marcus on Union Square is going to have everything you need from Libertine, Marni, Thom Browne, the list goes on. Deb can attest there will be great color and pattern on the menu for Spring 2024. 

It wouldn’t be a trip to San Fran without some laborious, hilly jaunts. Lombard Street is the “curviest” street in America. Walk (or drive) alongside the curves on a jillion shallow steps. This popular tourist destination isn’t far from Fisherman’s Wharf with a newly installed Ferris wheel that changes color through the night.

You can’t pass up the rich treasures that are ChinatownPaxton Gate, a large scale curiosity shop filled with taxidermy, and the bookstore landmark, Dog Eared Books. Explore and collect riches for yourself or the ones you love. Of course, don’t forget to pack your SCOUT Weekender for the getaway, and a few accessories as well. Also, an Original Deano couldn’t hurt for toting those souvenirs back home… Tote-ally up to you! Just make sure you have fun and be yourself. We hope you’ll take this guide to heart as a potential spring 2024 adventure.