WHAT’S IN THE BAG: Superb Storage Solutions

WHAT’S IN THE BAG: Superb Storage Solutions

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Are you entering your cleansing era? For some of us it may be the season of reading at least 10 pages a day, detoxifying, searching for a new passion, creating a better budget, or generally refocusing. For us, compartmentalizing and reorganizing all the “stuff” in our homes is the dream all year long. Tackling seasonal clutter can be as daunting as a trip to the dentist or doing your taxes, but we’re here to show you that it doesn’t have to be. Deborah Waterman Johns is constantly organizing. One would say she even enjoys it. We’re certain this Debbie Declutter Demo will change your tune too.

We recommend using our storage bins in different sizes to help categorize in each area. Start by compartmentalizing and organizing your piles. Sometimes it’s easier to start smaller and work your way up, like mudrooms, kids’ rooms, offices, kitchens, family rooms, and garages. Shoes, toys, snacks, art supplies, office supplies, and out-of-season clothes and linens are groups that can create a lot of our in-home clutter. Composing these piles according to bin size or location is a great jumping off point for your cleaning conquest. 

While we’re on the subject of categories, we’d be remiss not to mention Deb’s holiday decor organization. If you’re a seasonal decor fanatic, then the Down Under Storage Cube Set will be your new holiday bestie. Safely nestle your ornaments, lighting, tablescapes, etc. in these stackable cubes with zip-shut lids. With unstructured sides, they’re great for squishing under furniture, on closet shelves, or into deep drawers. 

SCOUT storage enhances closets perfectly. You have all kinds of exciting stacking and shelving opportunities. Speaking of stacking, our lidded storage, like the Rump Roost, allows for easy stacking AND doubles as seating or small tables (supports up to 150 lbs). These function superbly in dorm rooms and playrooms, but don’t feel the need to get boxed in (ha ha) to these spaces in particular. Stow under your desk at that office with extra sweaters or jackets when someone’s messing with the thermostat. Pack it full of beach supplies like snacks, towels, and toys and use it as a sand-free table scenario. Who knew?!

The Hang-10 Bin and Pop N Drop Collapsible Storage Bins are great open-top storage options for grab and go options on your shelves and countertops. They all fold flat and efficiently stow away when you’re not using them, a feature not limited only to open-top bins! Travel is much easier with this storage. Organize your trunk or pack with snacks for easy access on road trips. 

Now for the final and most important key to organization: pretty utility! Have fun with the process by mixing and matching like patterns and color palettes. Use this as an opportunity to dive into your own personality. Express that individuality. And, voila! It looks like someone’s found a new passion. If you’re interested in that colorful, clean, and clearheaded feeling, check out more of our organization solutions today! 

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